Twitter Users Prepare For Direct Messages!

If you are an enthusiastic Twitter user, we have some news which will definitely surprise you! Especially if you are using Twitter on your computer. From now on, when receiving a direct message on Twitter, you will get desktop notification. However, it may happen that the option will not be available to you right away, however, it will soon be available to everyone! And the notifications will appear on the top right corner of the browser window. Although, if you are not a fan of this option, you can easily disable it at Do you consider this update a good thing to do, or not? Well, if you do not like it, you can still choose not to use Twitter at all.

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Get Rain Warnings Right On Time!

Weather apps have become quite popular lately. Especially since the weather is really unpredictable now. It is good to stay informed when it comes to weather forecast. Don´t you think? Well, we have something better than that for you!

Yahoo Weather app will send you warning 15 minutes before rain or snow is expected. So that you can grab an umbrella and prepare for the rain! Well, it is probably worth having, don´t you think? How often do you get wet? With this app you will not. So enjoy!

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These Apps Will Help You Get Through Your Day At Work

Sitting behind a computer for 8 hours and more a day is not very healthy for your eyes and your back. But you all know this, of course. Luckily, there is something you can do about it now! And all you need to have in order to improve your health while working is smartphone. And some of these apps.

In order to protect your eyes, try Awareness, EVO, or Eyelo. These apps are meant to remind you when it is the right time to give your eyes some rest. If you have problem with your posture while sitting, use Lumo Lift or UpRight. And if you need some help with planning regular breaks, try Move, Workrave or Break Time. Good luck!

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“My Canary” Will Tell You If You Can Drive

Since cannabis is legal now in like a half of the US it is important to take that fact into account and create something which would make the life of people who sometimes “get high” easier. And also, would make the lives of all of us safer. And it is nothing else but this app called “My Canary”!

How does it work? Well, this app is meant to indicate whether you are too stoned to drive or not. How does it work? Using mental and physical tests which are designed to measure coordination, reasoning, reaction, time and balance. And if you pass, then you know that you can drive home safely.

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Executives At Toshiba Will Earn Less

Well, this is just what happens when a scandal is revealed. Eight executives who were involved in systematically inflating profits – one of the worst accounting scandal in Japan in the last years – quit their position and new managers are now earning less in order to deal with the crisis. However, these cuts are only temporary, although the period of time for which their earning are going to be cut is not quite specified yet.

In Japan, this method of cutting the salaries of executives is a common solution when a company has poor financial results. And the proof that this is true is also the company´s new president Masashi Muromachi who gives up 90 % of his salary! Can you imagine this happening in other country?

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Summer Games Done Quick Does Charity Its Own Way

Well, charity seems to be very popular lately, ain´t that right? People are always trying to come up with a new, innovative way of raising money for a good purpose. And this time, I think that it worked out pretty well. Because starting tomorrow, the event Summer Games Done Quick will raise money for Doctors Without Borders. And you can join this fun too, because Twitch-streamed speedrunning will run for seven full days!

Prepare for games like Zelda, Super Mario, Resident Evil and many more!

This event is becoming more and more popular every half a year. In January, the group has managed to raise over one million dollars for Prevent Cancer Foundation!

We hope that they will raise even more this year!

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Drones Are Not Making Spain´s Royal Family Happy

Drones are awesome, right? They make photographing and recording much easier, offering the ability to get to places where a person wouldn´t and so creating pictures or videos which would never be created without drones. However, as much as they are celebrated there are also people who are not as happy with them. And among them are royal families. Guards of Spanish royal family have spotted various drones flying around the airspace of La Zarzuela palace mostly at night. Nobody really knows why the drones are sent at nights – if it were paparazzi they would perhaps try for the best picture, which would be definitely easier during the daylight. Apparently, Spain will have to do something about this problem. Well, we will see how they manage.

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Tips For Choosing The Right GoPro Quadcopter

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind before you buy a quadcopter with GoPro. You have two choices when it comes to quadcopters with camera. One of the choices is that you can always build your own or you can purchase a ready to fly quadcopter that comes with a gopro. While hobbyists will always find it interesting to build something of their own, the truth is that buying a ready to fly model is a cheaper and more efficient option.


There are number of models to choose from and most of these models come with easily replaceable parts which mean that you won’t suffer any downtime if your drone gets damaged. One of the first things you need to look at while buying a drone is the battery life. Needless to say, it should have more than a decent battery life as it is going to be staying in the air for a long time to capture images and videos.


Also, the drone should have easily replaceable batteries. Some of models available today come with a spare battery but you are always recommended to buy a few extra batteries of your own. This will help you in increasing the flight time dramatically.


Parrot-Bebop-Drone_Red_2Another thing you need to pay attention to is the price of the RC drone. As mentioned above, there are a number of companies with a number of different models with many different features. However, you should choose a model based on your requirements and not on the basis of extra features that you are never going to use.

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A Sleeker Wearable Which Tracks Your Motion

Your precise motion!

Last year, Moov created first fitness wearable which tracked your body movements in three dimensions. Now they are back with MOOV NOW, which is even smaller and slimmer. And how does it work? The same as the first device: all you have to do is strap it on your arm, wrist or ankle and use it with various apps depending on what type of workout you are doing.

What is better about this newer version is its battery can last for up to six months unlike the old one which had to be charged every few days. If you are interested in this device, you can pre-order it now for 60 dollars.

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Does Generac Generator Really Work?


If you’re wondering if Generac generator really does work, the simple answer to that question is this: Yes, it does. However, you can only expect it to work if you know the right size of generator for your needs. That said, if you think you need a generator because you can’t afford any interruption, you should contact the company now and see what kind of generator suits your needs.

Build Your Generator

product_7371_225Don’t worry because the process is really very easy. Just go to the official website on and go to that page where it says “Build Your Generator.”  That feature on the website will give you a fair idea on the kind of generator that you need, including how much it would cost. What are generators? They are appliances that generate electricity. They usually use gasoline or kerosene, however, some of the newer models use your existing LPG supply.  Generac generator is that kind of generator  – generates power from your existing gas pipeline.  This is very important considering that you won’t always have the time nor the inclination to stock fuel at home.

NO Cheap

Generac generators are not cheap, however, you can have them through financing. If you want to know more details about financing your own Generac, go to the official website rightGP3250pic5724 now. If you live in a city that never sleeps, you really never need to worry about power outages. But if you live in the outskirts, there’s always that possibility of power interruption. Don’t worry because products like Generac generator ensures that you will never been in the dark. You set your unit so that only certain parts are restored or you could also set it so that the entire house is bright and bustling.

Generac Generators

Generac generators are installed outside your home just like your airconditioning is. This is very important because you never have to worry about wires and all that stuff. The power is directly flowed to your home.


It might surprise you to know that Generac is actually the most popular brand of generators in the United States right now. How popular? Seven out of ten people who invest in a backup generator have Generac installed.

System is Installed

images (8)So, if you want to have a backup generator system installed, go ahead and visit the official website of Generac and search for your location so you will know where you can buy it in your area. Just click on the button Where To Buy.


A Generac backup generator is NOT portable. But we daresay that it is better than a portable generator. How? With a portable unit, you typically need to use gasoline, which is actually dangerous and could make you prone to carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, because a non-portable unit uses your existing gas line, it is cheaper and more convenient because you don’t need to refuel. Most important, however, the power comes back up in seconds after an outage – you don’t need to go outside and search for a generator.

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