Facebook: Workforce Diversity

When running a modern international company, it is important to maintain a certain level of diversity of your employees. This is one of the goals of Facebook, which tries to achieve the desired level by hiring thousands of new people. Unfortunately, the numbers are still not ideal.

It is said that Facebook wants to have employees of different ages, races, gender, etc. And why? Because they need a broad range of perspectives in order to make their services suitable for everyone. Since people who are using Facebook are various the company needs to keep up the pace with this diversity. Hopefully it will do so, one day soon.

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New Images Of Ceres

NASA´s Dawn spacecraft has made new pictures which provide us with more visible images of the mysterious bright spots and pyramid-shaped peak. Ceres is the largest object in the belt between Mars and Jupiter and it has been studied by Dawn from its second mapping orbit.

What could the bright spots be is what now interests scientists at NASA. The possible explanation is ice or salt, however, other option are considered too. For now, we still do not know what the spots are for sure. Hopefully, Dawn will allow scientists to learn more about the surface of Ceres. Well, we will see.

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Why Get The Bevel Shave System

If you are like many men, then you are probably always looking for a great razor, lotion, shaving cream and so forth. One of the best shaving systems on the market today is the Bevel shave system. If you want to know why you should get this shaving system, then continue to read the rest of this article.

The Razor

smooth_shave_blog_mainYou should get the Bevel shave system because of the razor that comes with it, and you will be pleased to know that it is a safety razor, which means you don’t have to worry about it cutting up your face or leaving unwanted razor bumps. You should find that this razor is easy to handle and lightweigh. More information about bevel shave find here: www.theshavingreview.com. Not only that, but you will love how close of a shave you will achieve using this product.

The Priming Oil

The priming oil is a nice touch to the system because you apply it to your face before you shave. It will give you a little bit of extra protection while you shave. It is very easy to apply and only takes a few seconds to put this on.

The Badger Brush

what-are-some-shaving-tips-for-men-1933796197-nov-23-2012-1-600x400You’ll also want to get this shaving system because it includes a badger brush. All you do is use this brush to lift your facial hairs and then shave them. This brush is a great tool because it will allow you to get an extremely close shave.


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New iPhone Is Coming! Bigger and Stronger

As usually, everyone is excited to hear news about the new iPhone type. Some are sure of the fact that they will buy it the moment it will be available, others are simply just curious what Apple comes up with next. So what do we know?

Reportedly, the new iPhone will be bigger – be 0.15mm longer and 0.2mm thicker than the current models. New models will be called 6s and 6s Plus. They will also be made of stronger alumimium. So what do you think? Will the new iPhone be worth it?

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You Will Probably Not Be Able To Watch This Video

This video called “Ghos Towns” may not look that special at first sight. It is just a short footage of a journey through something that looks like abandoned mining settlement. Nothing pleasing, nothing enjoyable. However, this video is the first video that almost no one can watch and it is not because it is forbidden due to the censorship or something. It is because the quality is too high for most of the computers. So if you actually are able to watch it, you are a lucky person! This 8K video was shot by 6K camera and in order to reach the higher resolution some of the footage needed to be stitched together with Adobe´s After Effects suite.

If you really feel like watching it you can watch it with lower resolution. Although the experience will not be the same.

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Google Introduces Android M

Google dedicated its I/O conference to introducing its new OS Android M and even though we still do not know what the “M” actually stands for, Google spared us no detail of its new version of Android.

It is said that M is all about “polish and quality”. The team has solved thousands of bugs trying to refine the whole Android experience. However, there is still no exact release date for Android M.

The improvements made should make it easier for the users to know what precisely the apps are doing on their phone. Another thing that will play its part in Android M is Google Pay which was announced earlier this year and with which you should be able to pay at NFC equipped retailers. It should also be more secure than using a credit card.

And with M, you will be able to unlock your phone or confirm your Google Pay payments with your fingerprint.

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A Toy That Pays Attention

Can you guess the name of the company that filled a patent for a toy that pays attention to the person that is in the room and also is able to interact with other media devices?

For some of you it will perhaps not be a surprise that it is Google who starts a production of bears and rabbits that can keep eye contact, turn head and respond.

The toy should be able to communicate via Bluetooth or Wi-fi and could turn on songs at commands of children.

How long will it take until we will be able to buy such toy? Well, nobody knows since the application for the patent was filled in February 2012.

The question is, would you buy a toy like this one for your child? Or do you think that it is completely useless?

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Adblock Browser

It seems that internet is overcrowded with advertisements of many kinds. Every time the companies are trying to come up with a more sophisticated way of delivering the ads to the potencial customers, someone else is trying to find a way of preventing the advertisements from distracting the internet users.

Such tool that makes your time spent surfing the web much more pleasing is Adblock an extension for your browser which blocks every advertisement that you would normally bump into on every step. Many of you know it, use it and worship it.

The good news is that Adblock Plus now comes as a browser for Android so that you could enjoy its advantages also on your tablets and smartphones. And it is already available for you to download!

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This Computer Is Just 9 Dollars!

Having to pay for a computer just 9 dollars would be awesome, don´t you think? Especially when the size of it is…well, smaller than your mobile phone, so you could take it with you wherever and just connect to screen and keyboard. Now that sounds like the future of computers, right? And the guys who invented Chip (that is the name of the microcomputer) know this.

Next Thing company, as they call themselves, introduced it on Kickstarter and it gained Chip a huge popularity. Let´s be honest, a computer that is both so cheap and so small is something everyone wants to try out. If you are interested in this kind of technological miracles, watch the video and then order it, if you can!

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Is Wireless Charging The New Charging?

Are you the type of a person that hates having millions and millions of various types of cables? Having to remember which is for which gadget is annoying, isn´t it? And also, they are so impractical! You can never just simply sort them out. It is just too messy.

But what if I told you that this does not have to be a problem for you anymore. Because this year is the year of a wireless charger. Well it is supposed to be. It is promised that soon, you will simply just put your phone on a lamp stand and it will absorb electricity through wireless surface. A perfect thing when you tend to lose your charger.

However, for now, you will simply just have to stick with your good old wired charger.

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